On May 12, 1883, the lot at the corner of 19th and Crocker was purchased by the Methodist Episcopal for a “New Church Enterprise”!

In September 1884, a wild-eyed evangelist named William Albert Wiseman gained permission from the Des Moines Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church to begin missions work in the area.

Things were hard in the wake of the Reconstruction years following the Civil War. The commission for mission work came with no place for services, no congregation, no church building, no parsonage, and no salary.

By the early summer of 1885, many were being converted and the mission work soon took the form of a revival. A tent was erected on the open lot at the corner of 19th and Crocker.

On July 12, 1885, a Sunday school was organized with Superintendent J. P. Bushnell. On September 9, 1885, the church was officially organized with 48 members. It began in the home of J.W. Hollister at 740 19th Street. 

Sunday Morning services were held in the tent later that month in July of 1885. The Sunday school had 15 classes with an average attendance of 150.

Now, it was time to build a permanent home. God’s blessing on this work was obvious to all.