The small wooden church was torn down in the summer of 1901 to make room for the construction of a new brick building. The new church was finished at a cost of $30,000.

During the summer and fall of 1901, the city school board allowed the homeless church to meet in Hawthorne School located at 17th and Crocker. Today that site is known as the Willkie House.

The first parsonage was directed during the fall and winter of 1892–1893, during the pastorate of LB Wickersham. It was occupied nearly 15 years by the success of pastors and families. In the spring of 1907, the old parsonage property was sold and the lot at 930 18th Street was purchased. During the summer a fine parsonage was built at the cost of $5,400. It was occupied by the pastor’s family beginning October 1, 1907.