As growth continued it became necessary to utilize every bit of space. Two small second story additions were made and the lower level was remodeled in 1910 to provide a total of 16 large Sunday school rooms. Total cost was $9,000. A steam heating plant replaced the original warm-air furnace. The one story construction at the northeast and southeast corners were raised to two story height. This provided three new rooms. At peak capacity, the church again began making plans to build a new larger building. However, plans were put on hold because of war efforts.

At the annual conference in September, 1913, Grace Methodist reported 1,134 full members, 31 probationary members and 74 baptized children. “Every department of the church is well organized and very efficient. The aim of the church has been to do all things well. Not a few things unusually well, and some others not at all. As a working church, with exceptional harmony, zeal and fidelity, Grace is without superior”.

Also that same year, Grace UME reported 700 persons were enrolled in the Sunday school and 465 attending worship services. The pastor salary was $3000. A total of $840 was given to foreign missions, and $500 to home missions. The Women’s Foreign Missionary gave $605, and the Women’s Home Missionary Society gave $479. In addition, the congregation celebrated its freedom from debt on all church properties on Anniversary Day January 26, 1913. Dr. Elmer Higley wrote: “Grace Church has become the center of social and religious life in the district”.