As the people of Grace Methodist began to settle into their new larger building, God began to gather another group of soul winning Christians together under the banner of miracles, signs and wonders.

Very successful crusades were held from 1927-1928 in Des Moines by Pentecostal Evangelist Aimee Simple McPherson. Her meetings drew large numbers of people to her leadership and the Foursquare doctrine. Her ministry was marked by scores of people coming to Christ and miraculous healings. In 1927, McPherson stopped in Des Moines for a 3 day crusade. Hoyt Sherman Place was opened, but the auditorium was too small. Sister Aimee spoke to crowds of over 3000.

In July 1927, a gospel tent was pitched at Good Park near 17th and University. Evangelist Raymond T Richey preached at these meetings as well.

Aimee Simple McPherson made another visit to Des Moines to attend a series of meetings beginning March 15, 1928.