With the key in hand, and no idea how a small team would be able to pay the utilities, a 2.8 million dollar project was beyond the faith of those involved.

Today, much of the work on the church has already been completed – nearly 80%. This includes the brick gables, steeples and stain glass dome. All of which has been missing since the fire in 1917 destroyed them.

In addition, the former apartment and administrative office was obtained and restored. This project took about 2 1/2 years to restore.

A second parsonage at 920 18th Street was purchased adding to the campus property.

The original International office building for the Open Bible was purchased at 851 19th Street.

The Filling Station was moved from downtown Des Moines and set in its final destination at 1802 Crocker. It sits on top of a full sized basement, and will serve as a unique youth center.