Dream Big

Dream big. Dream Big. DREAM BIG! If there is limit to what God can do through you that limit isn’t there because God wants it there. The Word Of God declares, “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you”. So, if there is some kind of barrier in your life that keeps you from climbing higher or getting farther it has most likely been constructed by you. GOD DREAMS BIG. God lives in you. The God who lives in you DREAMS BIG. Your spirit DREAMS BIG. Let your mind go there, dare to DREAM BIG. You serve a Big God let Him Dream Big in you. God Has Big Dreams of You doing Big things

Listen intently to this free message entitled, “Dream Big”. The revelation from this message will be a key for your breakthrough! Be sure to let us know your prayer requests. Neja and I, along with our staff pray for you every day!