Again, without any financial backing from the Methodist Episcopal Conference the pastor and congregation stepped out in faith to build a permanent home. By winter, a 40 x 60 foot gabled structure was erected at the cost of $2,652.15.

This small but adequate building was dedicated on December 27, 1885.

In 1893, the Deaconess Home Association was formed. The Deaconess Home was opened on January 10, 1893 at 1107 Center Street. “The deaconess served Des Moines and their work was described as canvassing, visitation, care of the sick, looking after the needs of the poor, establishing industrial schools, conducting religious meetings, visiting the hospitals, Sunday school work, distributing books, paper, and flowers and other such charitable activities as the case may demand.”

The need for a larger facility was noted in the 1894 District Superintendent’s Report, “Grace Church is up to the marking in all respect for one; it needs a new and much larger church edifice”.

In 1898, several church members trained at Camp McKinley on the State Fair grounds to join the efforts in The Spanish American War.

The simple wooden church served the needs of the Grace Methodist people for 15 years. Services were consistently full by the year 1900.