Two weeks after the lost appeal, one of the developers was on his knees in prayer asking for God’s help. That same morning, God woke Pastor Kenney and spoke to him. “Check on Kingsway.” Pastor Kenney’s initial response was,”Oh, no Lord.” He, like most, was under the impression that the building was unsafe and condemned. However, he relented. Pastor Kenney began investigating the status of the church.

In 2009, the doors were literally forced open. All the windows and doors opened. This information along with the professional opinions of architects and engineers pointed to the fact that the building was structurally sound. The building hadn’t shifted as a result of the dynamite explosions, like once thought. The dilapidation of the building was a result of deferred maintenance and sitting unoccupied for so long.

Power, sewer, water and utilities were restored in the fall of 2009.

Three months later a contract was signed and the keys were given to Rev. Kenney and Neja.